Aerospace And Automotive

Offering industrial nets for a wide variety of uses in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Conwed offers industrial nets for separation and lamination within the aerospace market. Our broad product range for the aerospace industry, highlighted below, features unique products that can reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

Our family of Naltex™ Infusion Flow Media serves the vital function of conforming smoothly to the mold surface and facilitating resin flow throughout the entire part. The media’s tight, low profile, crisscross pattern provides the separation and channeling required to efficiently distribute a controlled, predictable flow of resin across the laminate and with little waste.


Conwed manufactures premium netting for automotive filtration. Nylon is a primary resin used in our products because of its high-temperature resistance. Whether it’s netting or meltblown media, we have a full line of products to offer innovative solutions to our customers. From fuel filtration to cabin air filters, we have a unique line of products to satisfy your needs. Customers can choose a custom blend of materials to bond, ultrasonically forming a unique filtration solution.


    Ideal for Markets:



      • Abrasion resistance
      • Durability
      • Ease of fabrication
      • High-efficiency
      • Temperature resistant
      • Custom solutions

    Meltblown Media

    Award-winning Delpore™ Meltblown Media, with its highly efficient and narrow mean pore distribution, is used for high-performance filtration and other precision applications.

    Extruded Diamond Netting

    If products need separation, containment, or channeling capabilities, our extruded diamond netting always delivers key benefits.

    Extruded Square Netting

    Extruded square netting is the most common configuration in many industrial and consumer applications.

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