Square Netting


Square netting is a standard configuration in our extrusion process. Mesh angles are 90° and strands run transversely in Machine and Cross Directions. Square netting can be subsequently oriented to create lighter weight yet strong configurations.

Conwed™ Square Netting functionality may not always be obvious to the average eye, but it is an essential component in products used in everyday life.

  • Continuous extrusion process featuring integral joints
  • Available in a variety of resins
  • High strength yet lightweight
  • Available with elastic stretch & recovery properties
  • Manufacturing expertise
  • Heat-resistance materials
  • Can be combined with other Conwed materials forming composites
  • Can be made to order
  • High tensile strength
  • UV stability
  • Vast capacity for synthetic yarns & fibers
  • Excellent stability
  • Customizable applications
  • Ideal for reinforcement & containment 
  • Lightweight alternative to wire
  • Competitive alternative to stretch materials like spandex
  • Design and testing services available 
  • Meets demands for heat-resistant applications
  • Adds strength, rigidity, and structure 
  • Ideal for outdoor use

    Agriculture and Aquaculture

    Netting for crop and animal protection, fencing, turf netting, hay bale netting, garden & nursery support products.


    Aerospace and Automotive

    Seats, headliners, carpet, filters & interior fabric stabilizers.

    Building & Construction

    Netting solutions for infrastructure, construction, safety/weather fence & building materials.

    Erosion Control

    Flexible containment and protection products to keep wind or water erosion in check

    Grip Liners

    Food & Beverage

    Produce header bags, poultry, general merchandise & case liners

    Home and Consumer Products

    Cleaning products, apparel, industrial wipes, fabric composites, bedding, carpet cushions, furniture & design

    Landscaping, Lawn, and Garden

    Garden, nursery, pest control, and specialty products like Christmas tree wrap net

    Grip Liners


    General merchandising, liners, protective packaging & pallet wrap

    Supportive Structures

    Ideal for products that need separation and division functionalities


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