As a leading industrial nettings manufacturer, Conwed offers a complete line of nets ideal for agriculture applications extruded from various resins. Conwed™ Agricultural Nets are manufactured for trellis, crop & animal protection, garden & nursery, hay bale, trees & shrubs, and many other applications. Use these strong and durable nets to protect and contain valuable crops of all types.

Aquaculture Netting

Aquaculture, or aquafarming, is farming fish, crustaceans, mollusks, aquatic plants, algae, and other organisms. Various containment materials are used for netting in aquaculture fish enclosures worldwide. These nets and mesh materials are selected for multiple reasons, including design feasibility, material strength, cost, and corrosion resistance.

Crop & Animal Protection Netting

Conwed™ Crop and Animal Protection Netting is ideal for protecting your valuable assets. We support industries including agricultural farming, harvest protection, livestock farming, nurseries, tree farms, horticulture, landscaping, arboriculture, agroforestry, and viticulture/winegrowing.

Plastic Fencing

Conwed™ Fencing is used in safety, snow, and agricultural applications. Through product design, our fence combines durability, visibility, and cost-effectiveness to offer its customers a complete fence product selection.

Garden and Nursery Netting

Conwed manufactures the best nursery and garden netting in the industry to help you contain and safeguard plants and trees during all phases of their life. Garden netting acts as a protective mesh or cover, keeping your garden from pests like insects, birds, deer, and rabbits.

Hay Bale Netting

Our Conwed™ Hay Bale Netting is designed to quickly and tightly wrap hay and forage into a bale. Conwed netting wraps around the hay as it is bundled and cinches it, creating a secure, tight bale that eliminates product loss by containing and securing hay inside the roll.

Tree and Shrub Netting

We offer Conwed™ Trunk Protection Netting and Vexar™ Extruded Netting, allowing for better branch containment during shipment. 

Turf and Sod Netting

From planting to harvest, Conwed™ Turf & Sod Netting supports turf and sod producers every step of the way. With our turf reinforcement netting products, turf growers can maximize growth, increase yields, and protect crops against damage during transportation and weather events – all with less waste and labor.

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