Conwed offers a wide range of advanced netting solutions to help design engineers satisfy the increasing demands of the transportation industry. Whether on the road, air, water, or rail, our high-tech materials are critical components to enhance overall product performance.

Aerospace and Automotive

Conwed offers industrial nets for the aerospace and automotive markets for containment, protection, separation, reinforcement, stretch, lamination, grip, support, packaging, technology, and sustainability. Our broad product range for the aerospace industry, highlighted below, features unique products that can reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

Parts Protection

As the ideal parts protection netting, Conwed manufactures extruded netting for all kinds of protection, containment, and separation applications. From mechanical and auto parts to spring silencers, furniture, and bathroom products, our netting portfolio is the ideal material to keep them intact. Most of our standard parts protection portfolio is handled by our distributors.

Railcar and Flatbed Cover Netting

Conwed manufactures an exceptional mesh for railcar cover applications. Transportation companies use our mesh covers to protect and contain cargo and loose debris from flying out of railcars when trains go around curves, are hit by strong winds, or when pressure changes inside tunnels.

Meltblown Media

Award-winning Delpore™ Meltblown Media, with its highly efficient and narrow mean pore distribution, is used for high-performance filtration and other precision application.

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