Extruded Diamond Netting

The ultimate stretch engine for hygiene, apparel and disposable applications. 

Extruded diamond netting, or bi-planar netting, is extruded netting with a diamond-shaped configuration. One major difference between square and diamond netting is that diamond netting has a set of strands on top of the others in opposite directions and not on the same level as found on square netting. The strands appear to run diagonally in both Machine and Cross Directions  to form the diamond mesh design.

Conwed™ Extruded Diamond Netting is also used in tightly-spaced pleat packs for superior pleat separation. We can customize mesh sizes, thicknesses, weights, tensile strength, colors, angles, and chemical formulations to meet our customers’ requirements.


    Ideal for Markets:

    Packaging and Beverage

    Ideal for Applications:


    Building and Construction — Pavernet, fencing


    Agriculture — Aquaculture shellfish cages


    Building and Construction — Pipeline protection, fencing, AC hail guards

    Packaging — Produce stacking, meat case liners where drainage is required

    Resin Infusion

    Energy  — Wind turbine blades, aerospace, and automotive composite manufacturing


      • Separation
      • Consistent material flow

    Naltex™ Extruded Diamond Netting

    Naltex™ Extruded Netting, our premier diamond net, is another Conwed product that provides value to the wind energy industry. Naltex netting is used as a flow medium to distribute resin during the manufacture of wind turbine blades.

    Extruded Diamond Netting

    Vexar™ Extruded Diamond Netting

    Vexar™ extruded diamond netting is commonly used for packaging and parts protection applications. The soft, flexible diamond mesh configurations can gently conform around delicate produce and parts and are strong enough to contain and protect different loads.

    Naltex™ Durable Netting

    Naltex™ Durable Netting meets a universal range of application needs. It has an extruded construction that possesses unmatched strength and durability. Naltex™ Mesh is non-toxic and UV-stabilized, and it will not conduct electricity or corrode, even after extensive exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture, or chemicals.

    Naltex™ Pipe Saver Rockshield

    Naltex™ Pipe Saver and Rockshield netting is a strong, durable, and flexible diamond netting created to withstand tough installation conditions in pipeline protection applications. This durable plastic mesh is wrapped around the pipe to protect against debris and rock damage during backfilling.

    Naltex™ Paver Saver Netting

    Naltex™ Paver Saver Netting is an efficient and secure netting method to pile, package, and transport paving blocks and bricks. It is an ideal alternative to other protective materials such as foam, plastic film, wraps, and corrugated cardboard.

    Naltex™ Scuba, Cylinder & Hail Sleeving

    Naltex™ Sleeving

    Naltex™ Sleeving is currently stocked in five unique styles that provide different levels of protection. Each type has its range of color-coded sizes to fit multiple diameters. It is offered by the roll or in cut lengths. Each type of sleeving exhibits its own stretch and recovery characteristics. Some are best for protecting straight shafts or cylinders, others are better for protecting unusual shapes. All Naltex products can be supplied in cut lengths or heat-sealed at one end to form protective mesh bags.

    Naltex™ Net for Dehydration

    The unique design of our premium Naltex™ Netting reduces sticking and is perfect for smoking meats, delicate seafood products, and even pet treats!

    Naltex™ Diamond Netting Composite Flow Media

    Naltex™ Extruded Netting provides separation, channeling, and flow control in wind energy applications to achieve superior composite parts that are lightweight but super strong.

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