Food Processing, Beverage, and Packaging

Our USDA-accepted products can be used in various food service applications.


Our food processing and packaging mesh products collection is available in various configurations, including thicknesses and hole geometries, allowing unique food processing advantages. These thermoplastic products, made from FDA-Grade and USDA-accepted resins, can be supplied by the roll, in cut sheets, or as bags for specific application requirements.

Naltex™ Extruded Netting is available in many styles, ranging from heavy-duty to lightweight, oriented mesh. Unlike traditional trays, Naltex™ is 100% non-stick, can be re-used, and can be discarded after multiple uses. Naltex is commonly used for dehydrating food products. 

Our Conwed™ Marinating Net is designed for poultry marination and packaging. This mesh can be supplied as roll-stock or heat-sealed at one end to form high-strength bags that can be wicketed. 

Conwed™ Apertured Film is an extremely thin, porous mesh with clean and consistent geometric openings. The blue-colored film provides easy visibility to help avoid contamination. Our cheese nets are produced from high-density polyethylene, giving them good tensile strength. We produce the nets from virgin resin in enclosed, clean conditions on a line approved for medical production. This avoids spun cotton or muslin dust and contamination, often produced in open, uncontrolled environments. Its closed hexagonal structure means no threads or loose fibers.

The food processing and packaging mesh can easily be heat-sealed or sewn into bags. Our food-safe nets are utilized for the production of a variety of foods, including:

  • Marinated Poultry
  • Packaged Citrus
  • Boil-in-Bag Pasta Pouches
  • Cheese Net
  • Smoked Seafood
  • Ready-to-use Spice Bags
  • Dried Cereal Fruits
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Crackers
  • Beef Jerky

The FDA-grade, USDA-accepted resins can withstand various processes and temperatures.


    Ideal for Markets:

    Packaging and Beverage


    Custom solutions
    Naltex™ Net for Smokehouses

    Naltex™ Net for Smokehouses

    The unique design of our premium Naltex Netting reduces sticking and is perfect for smoking meats, delicate seafood products, and even pet treats!

    Cheese Production Netting

    Cheese Production Netting

    Our white or blue-colored cheese net has been used in cheese manufacturing for over 40 years. Its closed hexagonal structure means no threads or loose fibers. The unique structure allows the nets to key together, forming a good structure to hold the cheese.

    Shellfish Specialty Bags

    Shellfish Specialty Bags

    Conwed manufactures extruded and knitted netting for shellfish packaging and containment applications. Since our netting configurations have an open mesh design, creating retail visibility for your seafood products is easy. Our netting designs help producers, distributors, and wholesalers display their seafood products while enhancing visual presentation, convenience, traceability, durability, flexibility, and affordability compared to other packaging alternatives. Our netting is made of resins certified by USDA/FDA standards and is suitable for packaging and steaming seafood.

    Vexar™ Heat Sealed Bags

    Vexar™ Heat Sealed Bags

    Vexar™ Heat Sealed Bags are produce bags heat-sealed on one end. Our heat sealed bags are shipped with a loading tube for easy handling. These bags are also suitable for steaming or smoking seafood, meat, and poultry because the heat seal can withstand high temperatures.

    Vexar™ Rope Netting

    Vexar™ Rope Netting

    Vexar™ Rope Netting is available in multi-strand netting configurations for fragile or soft-skinned produce. Conwed produces extruded mesh rope netting with superior breathability to minimize moisture damage in produce packaging. It promotes air circulation and helps reduce condensation, consequently extending shelf life.

    Overwrap Netting

    Conwed™ Poultry Protection Net

    Our Conwed™ plastic mesh provides predator protection, maximum air circulation, and breathability to keep poultry safe and healthy.

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