Turf Sod and Netting

Conwed™ Netting helps growers maximize yields and protect their crops.


From planting to harvest, Conwed™ Turf & Sod Netting supports turf and sod producers every step of the way.

 With Conwed™ Turf Reinforcement Netting products, turf growers can maximize growth, increase yields, and protect crops against damage during transportation and weather events – all with less waste and labor. Conwed™ Netting provides support, containment, and protection for accelerated turf production from planting to harvest. Our turf netting can be used for all grass varieties and will hold together young rooting sod or turf.

The net supports grass root distribution evenly, providing excellent stability and easy harvest. Conwed netting will maintain the integrity of the roll of sod from harvest to laying. Conwed offers the best turf netting in the industry.


    Ideal for Markets:



      • Maximize growth 
      • Increased yields
      • Protect during transportation
      • Less waste

    Conwed™ Netting for Sod Reinforcement

    For over three decades, turf and sod producers have relied on Conwed Netting for turf grass reinforcement. Conwed Sod Netting is a special configuration designed to help grass seedlings germinate and grow in a uniformly strong structure. The roots intertwine with the durable mesh and prevent separation from the soil when rolled. Our netting allows turf producers to harvest a crop in half the time, allowing for a second planting during their season. Growers can also benefit from reduced labor costs, decreased water and fuel usage, and less fertilizer.

    Conwed™ Turf Netting

    Conwed™ Turf Netting is designed for wrapping large turf or sod rolls. It ensures protection against weather conditions and helps reduce turf loss during harvest, transportation, and installation. It is applied during harvest to reinforce, contain and wrap large turf rolls. The complete turf roll is wrapped edge to edge to maintain roll quality, minimize turf loss and protect sod during installation. Conwed netting can remain on rolls or be removed during installation based on final product application requirements. Installations are up to 25% faster than slab methods which consequently helps reduce waste, labor, and cost.

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