Packaging and Beverage

Conwed provides specialized engineering and manufacturing solutions for food and beverage producers, from protective mesh netting to food containment packaging. Our offering is designed to enhance performance for various products in food-related and consumer packaging applications.

Grip Liners

Case and Grip Liners

Our case and grip liners offer exceptional protection for valuable objects and materials, plus outstanding display appeal.

Consumer Products Packaging

Conwed offers a complete line of extruded and oriented netting to contain, protect and pack a diverse range of consumer products and components. From marbles and artificial decor to candy and toys, we help you store, ship, and handle your products while keeping them intact.

Food Processing, Beverage and Packaging

Our mesh food processing and packaging products are available in various configurations, including thicknesses and hole geometries, allowing unique food processing advantages. These thermoplastic products can be supplied by the roll, in cut sheets, or as bags for specific application requirements.

Meat, Poultry And Shellfish Mesh

Meat, Poultry, and Shellfish Mesh

Conwed manufactures extruded netting to contain and protect specialty meat, poultry, and shellfish. It can be used in packaging, marinating, and cooking applications. Our extruded netting portfolio provides excellent tensile strength and durability.

Pallet Netting

Pallet Netting

Conwed manufactures various pallet netting solutions that help manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers store, ship, and deliver valuable merchandise. Even the toughest, most unstable, and most irregular loads can be contained safely and securely for easy handling and efficient inventory.

Produce Bags

Produce Bags

Producers, packers, and retailers understand the need to differentiate their packaging selection with exceptional design and functionality to grab consumers’ attention. Our produce bags are made from soft, flexible diamond mesh that can gently conform around delicate produce and is strong enough to contain and protect different loads.

Protective Sleeves

From bulk packaging and high-pressure cylinders to glass, metal, plastic, auto, and industrial parts, Naltex™ and Vexar™ Protective Netting Sleeves help reduce potential wear and damage. They protect corners and edges and shield finishing, coating, and painting features in hundreds of finished products.

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