Tree and Shrub Netting

We help grow, nurture, contain, pack, and transport trees & shrubs safely and securely.


Conwed™ Tree and Shrub Netting are manufactured for superior flexibility and tensile strength to endure wear and tear during packing, shipping, and handling.

We offer Conwed™ Trunk Protection Netting and Vexar™ extruded netting, allowing for better branch containment during shipment. Visit the Products page to see all available solutions.


    Ideal for Markets:



      • Superior strength
      • Flexible and durable

    Conwed™ Trunk Protection Netting

    Conwed™ Trunk Protection Netting protects trees and their bark from harmful animal damage. Protective netting is the easiest and best way to protect hardwood and conifer saplings from bark damage. Plastic tree trunk protection can expand as the tree grows, allowing for a long-lasting barrier. Tree trunk protection netting is also very easy to install.

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