Extruded Square Netting

Our extruded square netting technology can be found in hundreds of product applications.

Conwed™ Extruded Square Netting provides superior protection, containment, and separation capabilities for everything from automotive and parts protection to filtration, infrastructure, and building and construction products.

Our extruded square netting is manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic netting material with integral joints. Our resins and formulations vary depending on the final product application and the performance requirements set by our customers. 

Conwed™ Square Netting products are manufactured via a continuous extrusion, yielding plastic nets featuring an integral joint for stability. In a secondary process, Conwed™ Nets can be oriented to provide lightweight but high-strength netting for containment and reinforcement. We use a variety of resins to meet our customers’ application requirements to ensure superior protection, containment, and separation.



    Ideal for Markets:

    Packaging and Beverage
    Consumer Goods
    Erosion Control

    Ideal for Applications:


    Meat and Poultry
    (Food dehydration)

    Meat and Poultry


    (Shellfish cages)

    Shell fish

    Building and Construction (Material handling, AC hail guards)

    Building and Construction


      • Lightweight
      • High-strength
      • Superior protection, containment, and separation

    Conwed™ Poultry Protection Net

    Our Conwed™ Plastic Mesh provides predator protection, maximum air circulation, and breathability to keep poultry safe and healthy.

    Conwed™ Deer Fence

    Our strong, lightweight Conwed™ Plastic Deer Fence is a long-lasting alternative to wire. Conwed crop and animal protection netting can also be used for other pests.

    Conwed™ Erosion Control Netting

    Our standard Conwed™ Netting is used in permanent erosion control applications. Its color helps TRMs aesthetically blend in green vegetation areas.

    Conwed™ for Apparel Applications

    Breathability, heat transfer, water vapor transmission, and superior stretch and recovery features make Conwed™ Elastomeric Netting an ideal stretch engine for elastic composites in apparel applications. It is a competitive alternative to other materials such as spandex, films, and stretchable nonwovens.

    Conwed™ with Bi-Directional Elasticity

    Conwed™ with Bi-directional Elasticity is the standard elastomeric netting. It has an elastomer formulation in both directions of the web (MD & CD).

    Conwed™ with Uni-Directional Elasticity

    Conwed™ with Uni-directional Elasticity, a more elaborate product, is a web design with an elastomeric material in one direction and another polymer in the opposite direction.

    Conwed™ Elastomeric Netting

    Our Conwed™ Elastomeric Netting can be incorporated with nonwoven textiles and other fabrics as an alternative to spandex and composites used as an elastic element.

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