Diamond Netting


Conwed™ Diamond Netting is an extruded, diamond, bi-planar mesh netting with bonded strand intersections, widely utilized in many industries. Many industrial applications benefit from diverse customization options. Diamond netting can also be used for packaging, containment, construction, and parts protection.

  • Industry-leading diamond netting technology
  • Improved process of extruding through counter-rotating die heads
  • New resins, varied strand count, and cross-sections
  • Full range of strand angles, offering customers different looks, feels, strengths
  • Added value for niche applications with additives like UV stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, antimicrobials, color and slip agents
  • Limitless customization
  • High-strength
  • Partner with us to develop a custom solution for your unique process
  • Lightweight, protective netting capable of supporting heavy products
  • Will not corrode in intense sunlight or saltwater environments
  • Extruded material that will not shed, fray, or unravel


    • Extruded Cage & Sleeves
    • Extruded Diamond Netting 
    • Parts Protection Netting
    • Resin Infusion


    • Symmetrical: both sets of strands are at an angle to the machine’s direction
    • Asymmetrical: strands are at an angle to the machine direction but are different in number and size
    • Non-symmetrical: one set of strands runs in the machine direction while the other runs at a customer angle.

    Agriculture and Aquaculture

    Netting for crop and animal protection, fencing, turf netting, hay bale netting, garden & nursery support products.

    Building and Construction

    Netting solutions for infrastructure, construction, safety/weather fence & building materials.

    Energy – Oil, Gas & Wind

    Flow media for resin infusion in turbine blade production, baghouse filters, pipeline protection, hydraulic oil, oil boom netting & wind energy.

    Grip Liners

    Liners for Shipping, Display & Storage

    Case and shelf liners, cushioned liners, freezer liners, standard grip liners, air grip liners & product overwraps.


    Flow media for resin infusion in composite production, extruded netting provides separation, channeling & flow control in hull production.


    Ideal solution for packing, storing, and shipping food, beverage, candy, toys, crafts, decor, bulk items, equipment & electronics.

    Parts Protection

    Protective sleeves for part separation, furniture, and bottle protection, marination bags, poultry & bulk packaging.


    Conwed™ Extruded Diamond Netting
    Conwed™ Extruded Diamond Netting
    Diamond Stretch Netting
    Conwed™ Diamond Stretch Netting and Packaging
    Conwed™ Extruded Cylinder Tube
    Conwed™ Extruded Cylinder Tubes
    ConwedTM Flat Netting
    Conwed™ Flat Netting
    Resin Infusion
    Conwed™ Resin Infusion

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