Conwed offers a complete line of industrial nets ideal for home applications. We extrude Conwed™ & Naltex™ Netting from various resins for various home applications. From rug liners and bedding products, garden and nursery to carpet and furniture, our materials help manufacturers design and develop innovative, high-performance products that make our lives more comfortable. 

Whether to reinforce, protect, contain, separate, bond, or laminate, our advanced material portfolio offers a diverse range of products to meet specific performance requirements customizable to your needs. Conwed uses a distribution network to support end-user consumers.


From mattress insulators to inner panels, dust covers, and quilt backers, our netting delivers essential reinforcement, durability, and stability features. Our product portfolio is lightweight, non-corrosive, rust-proof, stretch-resistant, chemically inert, and compatible with other materials.

Carpet Cushion Netting

Our Conwed™ Netting for Carpet Cushion provides reinforcement and stabilization in carpet cushion products. We manufacture a lightweight carpet cushion configuration with superior dimensional stability and exceptional tensile strength in both strands’ directions.

Consumer Products Packaging

Conwed offers a complete line of extruded and oriented netting to contain, protect and pack a diverse range of consumer products and components. Our netting portfolio is rust-proof, incinerable, temperature-resistant, chemically inert, and tailored to specific requirements.

Netting for Furniture

Manufacturers in the furniture industry rely on Conwed™ Nets to improve the structure and performance of their products. Our portfolio provides essential separation, containment, and reinforcement functionalities, from insulators, back liners, and dust covers to cushion wraps, skirt liners, and other furniture applications.

Garden and Nursery Netting

Conwed manufactures the best nursery and garden netting in the industry that helps contain and safeguard plants and trees during all phases of their life. Garden netting acts as a protective mesh or cover, keeping your garden from pests like insects, birds, deer, and rabbits.

Rug Liner Netting

From heavy rugs to lightweight mats, our Conwed Non-slip Rug Liners provide superior grip performance and gentle chemical formulations with floors. Our netting can be customized to match the required characteristics of every product development project.

Tree and Shrub Netting

We offer Conwed™ Trunk Protection Netting and Vexar™ Extruded Netting, allowing for better branch containment during shipment.

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