Carpet Cushion

Exceptional reinforcement and stabilization for carpet cushion products.


A carpet cushion or pad is widely used in the carpet industry. It is generally a composite of recycled urethane foam processed to provide additional cushion to the carpet. It is installed underneath the carpet to increase lifespan by helping distribute weight when walking on it. Our Conwed™ Netting for Carpet Cushion and Pad provides reinforcement and stabilization in carpet cushion products. Conwed is manufactured through a unique bi-axial orientation process that generates a lightweight configuration with superior dimensional stability and exceptional tensile strength in both strands’ directions. By laminating Conwed™ Carpet Cushion Netting to recycled urethane foam, manufacturers of carpet cushions can improve their production processes as they can process material faster with less waste.

In addition, our netting stabilizes the foam to distribute the load across the surface, minimizing wear and increasing the carpet’s lifespan. Conwed™ Netting is non-corrosive, rust-proof, and mildew-resistant. It is unaffected by water, most acids, gasses, chemicals, and organic materials. Unmatched in product performance and designed for flexibility, bonded foam with Conwed™ Netting performs better and longer at an economical cost.

Carpet Cushion Manufacturer Benefits: 

  • Consistent strength increases the bonding integrity, which reduces the risk of tears at maximum line speeds
  • Increasing production efficiencies
  • Reducing production costs

Installer Benefits:

  • Improved slip-surface eases and improves installation
  • Visual guidelines facilitate cutting and overall installation
  • Tear-resistant structure and minimal stretching simplify cutting and improve accuracy

Customer Benefits:

  • Superior stretch-and-tear resistance minimizes buckling
  • Improved abrasion resistance increases the life of the cushion


    Ideal for Markets:

    Consumer Goods


    Distributes weight

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