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Conwed is the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world. We manufacture apertured extruded, oriented, and multilayer netting with unique customization capabilities. We’ve got you covered from agriculture, packaging, and consumer goods to industrial, infrastructure, building & construction, erosion control, and energy applications.


Conwed™ Netting is manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process, yielding a plastic material with integral joints. Some netting configurations may undergo an additional process, such as orientation and subsequent conversion, such as slitting, rewinding, calendering, sheeting, lamination, and more.

Conwed uses different resins, and the netting formulations will vary depending on the raw material properties, the product requirements and specifications, and the intended product lifetime.

Key Netting Terminology

MACHINE DIRECTION (MD) – The direction the material moves during processing. 

CROSS DIRECTION (CD) – The direction that crosses from one side to the other side of the machine. It is also referred to as Transverse Direction (TD).

Conwed™ Netting Configurations

Conwed has a portfolio of netting configurations from which modifications can be made until the most suitable product is identified. In addition to square, flat, and diamond netting, Conwed also manufactures specialty products such as extruded cylinder tubes, co-extrusion, bi-component, and multilayer netting, allowing us to offer a versatile netting portfolio.


We manufacture apertured extruded, oriented, and multilayer netting with unique customization capabilities. From agriculture, packaging, and consumer goods to industrial, infrastructure, building and construction, erosion control, and energy applications, we’ve got you covered.

Square Netting

Our Conwed™ Square Netting functionality may not always be evident to the average eye, but it is an essential component in products used in everyday life.

Diamond Netting

Conwed™ Diamond Netting is an extruded, diamond, bi-planar mesh netting with bonded strand intersections, widely utilized in many industries.

Flat Netting

Flat netting is a square netting configuration with flat joints and uniform thickness. A flat surface can be designed during extrusion or by calendering an extruded square netting.

Custom Solutions

We have spent decades earning a global reputation as dependable problem solvers. We love a good challenge—and the opportunity to put our expertise to work for our customers.

Netting Markets

We pride ourselves in working with our customers, in many different industries, from concept to commercialization. We serve a wide variety of markets and enjoy the challenge of creating customized products to meet your industry specifications.


Building and Construction

Consumer Goods


Erosion Control



Packaging and Beverage



A composite material combines two materials with different physical and chemical properties. Different methods exist to incorporate Conwed™ Industrial Nets with other substrates, netting, and nonwovens. Our netting can be used with film, foam, bubble wrap, paper, nonwoven and other fabrics. Conwed™ Industrial Nets can help you save material and improve product performance.

Learn more about how Conwed™ Netting can be used in various manufacturing processes.


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