Markets We Serve

We pride ourselves in working with our customers, in many different industries, from concept to commercialization. Conwed serves a wide variety of markets and enjoys the challenge of creating customized products to meet your industry specifications.


Conwed has abundant agricultural netting and containment solutions to protect your valuable assets, such as crops and aquaculture enclosures.

Building and Construction

Conwed offers an extensive portfolio of engineered netting solutions for diverse building and construction applications such as fencing, rain screens, roofing, and more.

Consumer Goods

Our industrial nets provide support, reinforcement, and stabilization to help manufacturers create innovative products for the consumer marketplace.


We serve the energy industry by creating netting to protect oil and gas pipelines and resin infusion used in the manufacturing process of composite parts in the aerospace, wind turbine, and automotive industries.

Erosion Control

Our erosion control nettings provide flexible containment and protection functionalities that keep erosion in check in agriculture, land development, and construction applications.


Conwed offers a full line of industrial nets ideal for home applications.


Conwed manufactures a wide range of lightweight nettings for industrial applications requiring stretch, stability, and flexibility.


Conwed engineers and manufacturers nettings used in infrastructure applications such as building and construction, erosion control, soil stabilization, and parts and paver protection.

Packaging and Beverage

Conwed provides specialized protective mesh netting for food and beverage producers. Our offering enhances performance for may products in food-related and consumer packaging applications.


Conwed offers a wide range of advanced netting solutions to help design engineers satisfy the high-performance demands of the transportation industry.