Building and Construction

Conwed™ Netting provides distinctive functionalities to diverse products and composites in building and construction applications. We offer extensive engineered solutions and industrial nets for diverse building and construction applications.  Manufacturers, OEMs, and converters thrive on the versatility our materials bring to create superior composites used in everyday construction projects. 

Use Conwed™ Netting to reinforce, stretch, and contain different substrates. Our netting can sometimes be used in product designs to achieve energy efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve overall performance.

Our building products can help reduce energy consumption and create energy efficiencies. From radiant barriers that help reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss to insulation sheathing boards that function as protective covers to increase thermal performance, Conwed™ Netting can help deliver diverse functionalities. 

Conwed Netting Functionalities:
  • Protect, reinforce, support, contain, separate, grip, laminate, and bond different components and materials. 
  • Helps reduce the cost, weight, height, thickness, and overall size of products. 
  • Save energy, material, and production process time. 
  • Separate elements that need gaps to achieve superior performance.


    Ideal for Markets:



      • Durable
      • Flexible
      • Custom options
      • Containment
      • Reduce energy consumption

    Radiant Barriers

    Radiant barriers are materials installed in buildings to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss. Their main goal is to reduce building heating and cooling energy usage. The potential benefit of attic radiant barriers is reducing air-conditioning cooling loads in warm or hot climates. Conwed™ Netting can be incorporated to provide reinforcement, separation, and support to form strong yet lightweight radiant barrier composites.

    Rain Screens

    Rain Screen is an exterior wall’s weather-facing surface that stands off the moisture-resistant surface, creating a draining cavity. In other words, it is the first line of protection against the effects of moisture on the wall detail. Conwed™ Netting can provide essential water channeling and gapping to the entire wall system.


    Synthetic roofing underlayment materials are a competitive alternative to traditional materials like tar paper. Tar papers are often smoother, creating a slippery and potentially dangerous surface for installers. On the other hand, Conwed™ Netting can be designed with thick nodes on one side to create a superior anti-slip surface and a built-in adhesive in the netting configuration to facilitate thermal lamination with other substrates. Roofing underlayment composites with Conwed™ Netting can enhance overall strength and performance while providing a safety element for installers.

    Stucco Lath

    Stucco systems are complex building products made of diverse layers of materials and components. Conwed™ Netting can replace metal and wood lath layers depending on the final product application. Stucco systems manufacturers continue to improve stucco products; our netting components provide an alternative to metal, wood, and other plastic composites for gapping and support functionalities.

    Plastic Fencing

    Through product design, Conwed™ Plastic Fencing combines durability, visibility, and cost-effectiveness to offer its customers a complete fencing product selection.

    Paver Protection

    Conwed offers a unique netting portfolio to help the paving and architectural block industry safeguard and protect the luxury and appeal of their designs. Conwed manufactures PAVENET™ Paver Protection, an efficient and secure netting method to pile, package, and transport paving blocks and bricks.

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