Spring is here, so it’s time to prep your garden and crops for the upcoming season. As any gardener knows, unwanted predators, pesky critters, and weather elements can cause much damage if left unaddressed. This is where Conwed comes in—we provide various netting applications to gently protect and contain your animals, crops, blossoms, and trees during all phases of their lives.

Farmers across the globe trust Conwed™ Crop and Animal Protection Netting to safeguard their valuable assets, from vineyards and fruit orchards to poultry farms and wildlife control. Our netting is strong, lightweight, and durable – the ideal material to contain and protect your valuable assets in agricultural farming, harvest protection, livestock farming, nurseries, tree farms, horticulture, landscaping, arboriculture, agroforestry, and viticulture/winegrowing. It is secure and durable yet remarkably gentle to even the most delicate blooms and blossoms.

Our nursery and garden netting is easy to use and available in various configurations. Garden netting acts as a protective mesh or cover, keeping your garden from pests like insects, birds, deer, and rabbits. Our netting can also be used as a trellis for growing vines and climbing flowers. This not only protects your plants but also encourages healthy growth.

Our crop and animal protection netting is designed to offer comprehensive protection to various crops, including fruits, vegetables, vines, trees, flowers, and shrubs. It can also effectively control pests like moles, voles, rabbits, bats, birds, and more and protect buildings. With our netting, you can rest assured that your agricultural assets are well-protected.