Have you ever wondered how paving and architectural blocks maintain their pristine condition during stacking, packaging, and transporting? The secret lies in Pavenet™, a unique and efficient netting method Conwed offers. 

Chris Hakanson, R&D Director for Nettings at Conwed, explains, “Manufacturers and distributors can preserve the shape and surface of their products simply by adding Pavenet™ protection between the layers. Its unique web structure helps keep bricks dry by wicking away moisture. It also offers abrasion resistance and reinforcement, and is lightweight for safe handling during the pallet packaging and wrapping process.”

 Pavenet™ is also an exceptional alternative to protective materials such as foam, plastic film, wraps, and corrugated cardboard. Its lightweight nature and ample holes for breathability keep humidity from infiltrating pallets, by allowing water to escape and avoid permanently staining or affecting the color and texture of bricks. Different netting configurations, square or diamond, provide enough separation in paver layers to allow minimal but necessary movement and flexibility which minimizes damage during transport. 

The true strength of Pavenet™ lies in its customization capabilities. Hakanson says, “Conwed can modify the netting hole size, shape, weight, thickness, polymer, and colors to cater to various paver configurations. This versatility allows the engineering and R&D teams at Conwed to collaborate with manufacturers, OEMs, converters, architects, designers, and business development professionals to create unique netting designs that can enhance existing products and offer improved innovative functionalities.” 

Ideal for manufacturers and distributors looking for superior protection for their paving blocks, Pavernet™ is an exceptional alternative to foam, plastic film wraps, and corrugated cardboard. It is conveniently offered in rolls or sheets. With over 4,000 products available anytime, customization paves the way to a more robust, efficient, and protective solution for manufacturers and distributors of paving blocks and bricks. 

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